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Raining Water Percolation

profileen rigolen system

raining water percolation



Rigolen systems are needed wherever the sealed areas (streets, buildings, parking lots etc.) have to be supplied with rain water again. So on the one hand the sinking of the ground-water level and on the other hand an overload of the drainage systems is prevented.
The PROFILEEN ® system provides the planner with a variety of construction elements to make the optimal solution for every case possible.


TNS rigolen pipes(1) PROFILEEN ® rigolen pipes
The profiled pipes can be delivered in a diameter range from 300 mm up to 1600 mm. The standard construction length is 6 m and the pipes have a sleeve and a spigot standardly for easy connection.
Different perforation diameter are available. The perforation can be attached on either 2/3rd or 3/3rd of the pipe size.


(2) PROFILEEN ® rigolen shaft
The bottom/lower part of the shaft can be produced without ground for free drainage but also with the perforated ground. The shaft has outside lying pipes for connecting pipes. The standard construction height is 1000 mm + DN pipe. Provided that a deposition chamber shall be integrated in the shaft it is standardly 500 mm deep (calculated from pipe bottom). The shaft itself can also be made with perforation for the drainage.


(3) PROFILEEN ® shaft increase
The increase element of the rigolen shaft has a maximum construction length of 2000 mm and a sleeve for the connection to the top edge of the rigolen shaft. Shaft and increase are closed to the top edge area with a load turn away plate and a shaft cover which must be put on the job site.


(4) PROFILEEN ® house connection
This fitting comes from the sewage area (see products: sewer technology) and can also be used for the connection of rain water pipes without any problems.


(5) PROFILEEN ® easy cut
This pipe comes from the sewage area (see products: sewer technology) and is provided with the same perforation like the rigolen pipe in this case. The standard construction length is 6 m, the pipe can be shortened at will and it can be connected to the next pipe with a double sleeve.


(6) PROFILEEN ® double sleeve
This fitting comes from the sewage area (see products: sewer technology) and matches on the one hand to the easy cut pipe and on the other hand to the spigot of the normal profiled pipe.


(7) PROFILEEN ® rigolen storage
For financial reasons or because of the limited place conditions the pipe cross-section calculated for the drainage cannot always be layed. The rigolen storage which can be installed in any place in the pipe network solves the problem. When it is raining the water is stored in this buffer and it is slowly been given to the ground by the perforation.