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Water Technology

Rigolen pipes

Rigolen system is needed wherever the saeled areas (streets, buildings, parking lots etc.) have to be supplied with rain water again. The PROFILEEN system provides the designer with variety of construction element to make the optimal solution for every case possible.

Water tanks

Polyethylene of high density is authorized for the storage of food and drinking water. Polyethylene tanks have a very wide application throughout the world. Because of their light weight, PROFILEEN water are one of the best choices of engineers in Germany, Switzerland and many other countries.


High- quality swimming objects (pontoons) can be produced from PROFILEEN pipes. The raw material high density polyethylene   (HDPE) is lighter than water because its specific weight is 960 kg/m3 and therefore already the open pipe causes sufficient buoyancy which is able to carry heavy loads.

Sea outlets

In Germany most of the sea outlets were built in the years 1970 -1985. Outlets were carried out into the North Sea and East Sea as well as into the rivers Elbe and Rein. Since that time bauku has an extensive know –how on the static construction and the installation of such pipelines. Cooperation with competent building companies is important because such project have higher demands than the usual sewer technology on land.