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Sewer Pipes

profileen sewer pipes - spiral wounded pipes

sewer pipe system by TNS

sewer pipe - PP high load pipeThe PROFILEEN®- PP high load pipe (1) is strengthened with a profile and is equipped with socket and spigot end for a fast and easy jointing as a standard. The usual pipe length is 6 m, however shorter) or longer pipes can be delivered on request. Due to the flexible production technology we are able to design the pipes for every possible embedding condition and every necessary ring stiffness. The nominal diameters of the products are the inside diameters, which reach from 300 mm up to 3500 mm.

The quality of the joint (2) is an important part of the complete pipe system. We offer not less than three different joint methods to our customers.All values are just non-binding examples, more stiffness choices can be delivered on request.

extrusion weld joint

Extrusion weld joint: We are welding our pipe joints according to the guideline DVS 2207-4, either with the discontinuous process or the continuous process, depending on the application. Pipes up to diameter 700 mm are welded from the outside, pipes with diameter 800 mm and bigger are welded from the inside (see picture).

push fit joint

Push fit joint: The rubber ring sealing is integrated into the socket, that is why the sealing is protected against damages during transport and storage. This joint design allows the contractor, to install the pipes fast and easy with his own workers. The push fit joint can be delivered for all diameters from 300 mm up to 1800 mm.

electro fusion joint

Electro fusion joint: A fusion fitting is integrated into the socket. With the help of a bar code and an electric generator the wires of the fitting are heated up and they melt socket and spigot partly to get a weld. The electro fusion joint is available from DN 300 mm up to DN 1800 mm.

short length pipe by TNS PROFILEEN

The PROFILEEN®- short length pipe sytem easy cut (3) allows, to manufacture pipe at works or at the job site to the exact length, if fix points in a pipeline make it impossible to use standard length pipes only. The short length pipes can be extruded with outside profile and special length at works or outside smooth, to be able to cut the pipe at the job site. The pipe ends are either spigot on both sides or socket – spigot joints.

The PROFILEEN®- double socket (4) is a supplement for the PROFILEEN – short length pipe system easy cut. With the help of the separate double sockets, several pipes with socket  and spigot end can be produced form one short length pipe – this is a big advantage not at least for the pipes which are cut on the job site.

house connection for TNS PROFILEEN profile pipes

The PROFILEEN®- house connection (5) can be delivered with three jointing methods, like the PROFILEEN – PP high load pipe itself. The joint to the main pipe can be a push fit joint with rubber ring, an extrusion welded joint or an electro fusion joint. The pipe has an outside diameter of 160 mm and does not only fit on plastic pipes, but also allows to use standard couplings to switch to other pipe materials.

manhole joints by TNS PROFILEEN

The PROFILEEN®- manhole joints (6) can be carried out with different fittings. For small shafts or small pipe diameters we have our manhole inserts, which are installed directly at the works of the manhole supplier or at the job site. For larger diameters we recommend to use manhole connection pipes with wall anchor and pressure tube.

PROFILEEN®-products are made from polypropylene (PP). The material is delivered as natural (white) coloured resin and can be mixed with different colours. The outstanding properties of our modern PP are the reason, why this material for profiled pipes pushed back the traditional polyethylene high density (PEHD) more and more. Even for sensible applications, such as drinking water areas or sea outfall pipelines, products made from PP guarantee the highest safety level for people and environment. In 1956 TNS already started the production of wound black pipes from PEHD. The actual light grey colour of the modern PP is a direct reaction to the customer wishes. Pipes in TNS colour make a camera inspection or a walk in the pipe easy. Furthermore the pipes do not take so much heat from the sun light, so even under extreme temperatures there are nearly no problems with the deformation or expansion.