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Retention Tanks

retention tank system

retention tank system TNS PROFILEEN®


The different design versions are based on the German ATV Standards ATV-A 117 and ATV-A 128, basicallly there are systems integrated in the sewer main or as a bypass system.


retention tank TNS PROFILEEN®Profileen stormwater retention tanks are used as:


  • Collection basin
  • Pass trough basin with overflow
  • Series-flow basins
  • Retention tank with discharge at inlet or outlet
  • Parallel tanks as treatment- or storage battery



comparison of the sizes TNS profile pipePROFILEEN ® retention tank systems are made of single components. There is a range of (standard) components starting with simple pipes and ending with manholes including all installations which can be delivered with a diameter of 300 mm up to 3500 mm. To cover standard applications we have a complete system on stock.

overflow to both sides - retention tank TNS PROFILEEN®


In the following there is a list of standard components:

  • inspection- and throttle manhole
  • pumping shaft
  • discharge shaft
  • central overflow
  • horizontal discharge
  • overflow to one side
  • overflow to both sides


discharge shaft TNS PROFILEEN®The discharge manhole is the central element of a stormwater retention tank. Our solutions in plastic have its advantages for the overall costs for the installation as well as for the maintenance of the stormwater retention tank once it is in operation. Together with the University of Essen we developed the hydraulic design for central overflows. The speed of the sewer in the discharge can be influenced by the design to reduce the solids going into the discharge. Compared with the horizontal discharge the overflow to one side as well as to both sides is a cost effective alternative which is second to none for small discharge volumes.

overflow to one sides discharge manhole TNS PROFILEEN®overflow to both sides discharge manhole TNS PROFILEEN®