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profileen tanks


above grounded tanks

tank from high load PP pipesTanks obove ground are normally designed for inside pressure. PROFILEEN ® tanks can be used for high concentrated and aggressive chemicals as well for temperatures up to 60° C.
The construction of bottom and cover can be made conventional (with plates and stiffness) or according to the spherical principle developed by TNS. A high stiffness of the bottom- and cover construction is created by the swelled areas of the lock.

tank production TNS





The wall thickness of the tanks can be produced graded - that means the wall of the part below is thicker than the upper part of the tank (hydrostatic pressure). The tank wall can also be made with an inside profile which can be used meanwhile as leak warning system (see alsosewer technology, double wall systems).



underground tanks

unnderground tank from PP-pipesOf course liquids can also be stored underground. In the industry this principle is used for water for fire fighting tanks or emergency tanks.


Both systems must be able to store aggressive chemicals. In difference to the retention tank in the communal area (see sewer technology, retention tank systems) a good hydraulic or self-cleaning system is not so important - here the underground tanks are exactly fitted to the conditions of the building. For such tanks the inside pressure of the water level is not any longer the important criterion for the design. But it must be designed for all kinds of loads caused by bottom, ground water and traffic.


fire fighting tanks by TNS


Water for fire fighting tanks - or emergency tanks can also be equipped with the leak warning system made by TNS (see sewer technology, double wall system). Every tank- regardless of the installations - is delivered with extrusion weld joint on the welds in order to meet the requirements of the safety of the pipe connections in this area.