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Sewer Pipes-Industry

sewer pipes for the industry

sewer lines  industry


In principle the sewer lines in the industry correspond to the communal sewer lines (see sewer technology, sewer pipe systems), but there are some exceptional features. The sewer sytems must be adapted to the operational request. Existing old pipes and new pipes cross partly and have to be connected. The hydraulic only plays a secondary role. Therefore pipe lined streets how to see on the left picture are often used and not an exception.


sewer lines  industry


The safety request to the sewer systems in the industry are often higher than in the communal area. Especially at production processes which run with environmental damaging stuffs have to be calculated. Coming out liquids can get into the canal network and also water for fire fighting from the fire brigade. Therefore the industry pays considerable attention to the chemical resistance of the sewer systems.


shaft for sewerage industry


The exact construction execution especially for shafts depends on the prevailing internal standards of the industry and has to coordinate in every individual case. Quite often companies intend to use shafts which allow in case of damage to close the sewer lines. For this purpose slide valves are installed into the shafts which can be operated from the outside. So dangerous liquids can be put in an individual part of the channel and pumped up by special vehicles. Some companies even stipulate the installations of such slide valve shafts with an integrated pumping pit. Such special requests are also realizable in PROFILEEN®– shafts.