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profileen shaft in landfill technology

Dump type disposal withe drainage pipe, collector pipe and collection shaft


In principle at the dump type disposal only the drainage pipes are transferred into the waste object, the shafts are outside. Different to the pit disposal with waste heights of up to 100 m the dump usually reachs only a waste height of up to 20 m.



Pit disposal with drainage pipe, collector pipe and collection shaft



There is also the problem that in the waste highly aggressive seeping water arises from the rain which have to be piped away. Since the shafts are outside the sealing liner of the landfill site, the sealing has to be broken with the drainage pipes. Especially in this critical area high requirements on the safety are made because the pipe execution may not cause any leak in the sealing liner.




Penetration building from profile pipes





For this purpose the TNS has devoloped a special penetration building. On the one hand it is a transition from the drainage pipe to the collection pipe. On the other hand it is welded with the HDPE liner. Besides, this fitting has to take considerable static loads which are caused by the pressure of the waste object.


collection shaft by TNS PROFILEEN®



The collection pipes with the seeping water lead to each collection shafts. This serves to the imbedding of the pipes as well as an entrance for the camera inspection and cleaning of the drainage pipes. The static requirements on the shafts are rather little so that the conventional design as a rigid shaft can be chosen. As a rule, the construction heights of the shafts amount only up to 8 m.