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Drainage Pipe

landfill site

In principle at the dump type disposal only the drainage pipes are transferred into the waste object, the shafts are outside. Different to the pit disposal with waste heights of up to 100 m the dump usually reachs only a waste height of up to 20 m.

Calculation of a drainage pipe for landfilll site

The TNS had as the first manufacturer worldwide an admittance for the drainage pipes of the DIBT (German Institute for construction technology in Berlin) and developed together with the LGA (Country Trade Institute in Nürnberg) calculation methods by the Finite Elemente Method. Today our drainage pipes are layed in almost all landfill sites of the Federal Republic Germany with waste cover heights of up to 100 m. The know-how of the TNS not only comprises the production of the PROFILEEN® drainage pipes and the static calculation but also the competent advice with regard to the optimize installation of the products.

Calculation of a drainage pipe for landfilll site

The Finite Elemente Calculation method considers the kind of embedding of the pipes, so we recommend standard installations which are developed in years of research. The diameter of the drainage pipes is 300 mm. At first sight this seems to be oversized but the experience has shown that as a result of the aggressive chemicals in the seeping water there is the danger that the perforation of the pipes grows over with the years and that inside the pipes the chemical reaction produces foam which completely blocks smaller pipes.

drainage pipe TNS PROFILEEN®

At the PROFILEEN® drainage pipes the perforation and the pipe diameter are optimized so that a blockage can hardly happen and even if it should happen, the pipe can easily be cleaned again by a flush.