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Landfill Technology

Nowadays the cities are expanding so fast and the materials are being consumed, so the waste is being increasingly produced. So the right method of waste disposal is getting extremely critical. In recent years they’ve been developed two methods of waste disposal: pit-type and dump-type.

Pit type: In this method, one would seal the soil-bed with HDPE special coverage after almost 100 meters of excavation. Then one puts the drainage pipes and connects them to the shaft network.

The drainage system would collect the seepage from the waste and the leakage from the rain water and dispose them through the shafts.

Dump type: In this method, a region would be constrained with embankment (up to 20 m) and then it would be sealed with HDPE special coverage. Afterward the drainage systems are put there and then they'll be connected to the manholes outside the region.

TNS can provide the requirement in this field with presenting the drainage pipes and shafts with great strength and chemical resistant to the various chemicals.