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Application of TNS Pipes in Construction of Bridge Industry

TNS double wall profiled PE pipes have great and significant applications in the field of construction of bridge. By taking into account the unique physical and chemical characteristics and high ring stiffness of these pipes; they have capability of tolerating dynamic traffic loads.

According to the production method, meanwhile, welding and installation of these pipes are accomplished in the least possible time and the cost of performing the project is highly diminished.

Experts of this company by using international and national standards, and also by taking advantage of knowledge of its German partner (BAUKU), which has more than half century experience in PE pipe industry, do engineering calculations and present the engineered and useful products for the project conditions.

These bridges can be used under highway roads, under rails of trains, as passage through rivers and lakes and several other cases. Also, by taking into consideration the high diameter of produced pipes of this company, inner space of these pipes can be used as passage.