Tadbir Novin Sazan


South Pars Oil & Gas Company.

Here is another project of our company to present briefly. This project was performed in 2010 for oil and Gas Company of south pars.

The main goal was the production and installation of the PE pipes in return and desalination line with the following properties:

The client:  South Pars oil & Gas Company

The contractor: Engineering and technology institute of Sepanir

The second contractor: Omran Sahel Company The consultant: Moshaver Sahel Company Manufacturer and installation & welding

The pipe provider: TNS Company

Project Details: 5,095 m pipe with diameter of 1400 mm for onshore parts including: outfall, bypass, brine. 1,375 m pipe with diameter of 1400 mm for marine parts including: outfall.

The pipes were equipped with all necessary parts such as bandings and joints. T

he connection type was socket & spigot with PE welding according to DVS2207 & DVS2209 standards.

Taking the advantage of the expert team in-site with valuable certification from Germany and also the constant presence of quality control team in installation site. The quality of welding and installation stages was carefully supervised and guaranteed. Constant testing and inspection from IS company in behalf of Sepanir company is another reason for insuring the high quality of our products.

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