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Polyethylene Septic Tanks

Polyethylene septic tank, buying without broker from Tadbir Novin Sazan Co.

Double wall polyethylene septic tanks are the simplest type of single-unit treatment that biological treatment is done with the help of anaerobic bacteria. Of course, these septic tanks can be transformed into high performance septic tanks by making changes in their structure, which their output has very favorable characteristics. The process of purification is such that the sewerage enters into the septic tank and due to the reduction of its flow rate, it loses part of its suspended material due to sedimentation and, on the other hand, it comes out of as storage. Each polyethylene septic tank consists of several components which important parts of it are as following: inlet system for sewerage including pipe and inlet baffle, primary chamber of septic tank which has the highest volume of septic tank and usually about 70% of total septic tank capacity is related to this section, the separator wall, which prevents the entry of floating sludge into the clearing tank which contains about 30% of the total septic tank capacity and includes the sewerage free of any sedimented material, ventilation system which through this duct, the gases produced by the anaerobic process of sewerage treatment are removed from septic, and the outlet system of sewerage system includes baffle and output pipe of the septic tank.