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The idea behind the construction of double wall polyethylene pipes is to save money and enhance their strength. The use of HDPE materials, along with the use of appropriate structures, has made it possible double wall polyethylene pipes to be highly flexible. This idea has been used by German partner of this company, Bauku Co., for over 50 years in many usages.

At the moment, there are those who claim that there should be a minimum for ring stiffness and the thickness of the walls that could be used. These people do not notice that accurate profile design is used not only in the pipe industry, but also in other industries, such as aircraft and automotive. Only tight profiles which are thin and flexible allow wings on an airplane to be modified under controlled load conditions. A rigid structure in case of excess load will simply fail. Profiles of polypropylene pipes are also designed with the same precision in the design of airplane wings and vehicle bumpers, using the same method of calculation, i.e. the finite element method.

Double wall polyethylene pipes are produced in 6-meter lengths that can be manufactured in smaller lengths according to the conditions of implementation.

Double wall polyethylene pipes (with core tube) of this company are produced from 300 mm to 3500 mm in diameter, and according to DVS standards extrusion and electrofusion welding is possible for all sizes. Meanwhile, the company recommends the sealing of polyethylene pipes up to 1200 mm in diameter with gaskets. The washers used in this company's products are made of EPDM material. Also, polyethylene pipes with all polyethylene fittings, such as polyethylene manholes, elbows, three-ways, etc., are presented as a comprehensive and integrated system.

The company's double wall polyethylene pipes (with core tube) are used in all sewerage usages, surface water collection, and in marine “Intake” and “Outfall”; and due to their high quality, at the moment they are as the best and the most used pipes in the world.

In the manufacture of double wall polyethylene pipes (with core tube) of this company the best types of HDPE and PP materials and unique German technology has been used.

Advantages of Double Wall Polyethylene Pipes (with core tube):

• Long life (over 50 years)

• Flexibility and load bearing capacity

• Lower weight than all kinds of steel, cast iron, and concrete pipes

• Insolubility, due to the polished internal surface of the pipe and its self-cleaning

• Resistant up to temperature of 50 °C and insoluble against all organic solvents

• Resistant to corrosive substances (acids, salts, and bases) and microorganisms

• UV-resistant due to the use of (Anti-UV) materials

• Resistant to attack of rodents and microorganisms

• Ease of installation and quick implementation of work due to the use of socket and spigot.

• Easy shipping

• Possibility to use a variety of joints (extrusion welding, electro fusion welding and EPDM gasket)

• The proper hydraulic properties of the pipes due to having flat surfaces

• Very good abrasion resistance

• High tolerance against traffic loads

• Technical repair and welding even after operation

Tadbir Novin Sazan Co. in order to increase the efficiency and quality, along with the reduction of the final product price, and also according to the company's defined policy for developing its existing technology and synchronous with the technologies of the world, has been working in the past years on the production line of core tube with size 80 mm for the first time in IRAN. The company by producing this product and using it in double wall polyethylene pipes has been able to increase the mechanical properties of the products and while at the same time to reduce the weight of products.

The unique features of this technology:
  •         High ring stiffness, reduced weight of finished product, reduced production time, and saving time and energy
  •          Increasing the variety of products
  •          Removing the ballast in the offshore projects by filling inside of the core tubes with concrete and increasing the speed of the project implementation

In order to provide technical and economic justification, the specialists of this company are ready to provide any information about the company's polyethylene products to respected employers and consultant engineers.