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Advantages of Double Wall Polyethylene Pipes

In the manufacture of double wall polyethylene pipes (with core tube) of this company the best types of HDPE and PP materials and unique German technology has been used.

Advantages of Double Wall Polyethylene Pipes:

  •          Long life
  •          Flexibility and ability to withstand bending
  •          Lower weight than steel, cast iron, and concrete
  •          Insolubility, due to the polished internal surface of the pipe and its self-cleaning
  •          Resistant to temperature of 50 °C and insoluble against all organic solvents
  •          Resistant to corrosive substances (acids, salts, and bases) and microorganisms
  •          UV-resistant, due to the use of (Anti-UV) materials
  •          Resistant to attack of rodents and microorganisms, due to lack of nutritional value
  •          Ease of installation and rapid implementation of work due to the use of socket and spigot in all diameters.
  •          High tolerance against load
  •          Easy transportation
  •          Tolerance against extra hot and cold
  •          Possibility of using different kinds of joints
  •          Good hydraulic properties of the pipe due to having flat internal surfaces
  •          Very good abrasion resistance
  •          High tolerance against traffic loads
  •          Technical repair and welding even after operation