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Laboratory unit of Tadbir Novin Sazan Co. with 10 years of experience is an independent accredited laboratory which is equipped to comply with the principles of customer orientation and also to continuously improve the quality of manufactured products. This unit with the expertise of the experienced team and using the best brands of laboratory equipment in the world, is providing laboratory services with the highest accuracy and in the shortest time possible in accordance with national and international standards in the field of polyethylene sewage and drainage pipelines.

The laboratory has succeeded in obtaining a research and development (R & D) license from the Ministry of Industry, Mine & Trade, and has consistently pursued the goals of this license by establishing a bridge between the industry and the university, as well as benefiting from the academic experience of experienced professors, in addition to becoming an independent and knowledge-based unit, laboratory has been able to always lead the company to improve the quality of its products and advance its high goals.

Typical tests on raw materials and products in this laboratory are as follows:

Raw Material

Mechanical Tests

Physical Tests


Ring Stiffness (short term & long term)



Ring Flexibility


Carbon Black Content



Carbon Black Dispersion & Distribution

Bending Test


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