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Double Wall Polypropylene Pipes

Regarding the mechanical properties of polypropylene compared to polyethylene, now we see the usage of polypropylene instead of polyethylene in most applications. In the pipe industry, the use of polypropylene pipes is increasing more and more, and in the near future, polypropylene pipes will actually replace polyethylene pipes. In double wall pipes, which are mostly used for gravity use, including pipes for sewage collection and transfer, as well as transfer of surface water. The use of polypropylene pipes has been started in Europe since a few years ago and are gradually expanding around the globe.

In order to upgrade its knowledge and technology, as well as the use of the best and most quality plastic materials in the pipe industry, Tadbir Novin Sazan Co. has been developing polypropylene pipe manufacturing lines, and now all types of polypropylene pipes of diameters 300 to 4000 mm are produced in this company. To connect the polypropylene pipes, there are also a variety of methods such as extrusion welding, electrofusion welding, gaskets, as well as mechanical fittings with rings and flanges. Also, polypropylene pipes with all polypropylene fittings, including polypropylene manholes, elbows, three-ways, etc. are presented as an integrated system.

In the manufacture of polypropylene double wall pipes, this company uses the best PP materials and unique German technology.

The advantages of the company's double wall polypropylene pipes include the following, most of which are common in polyethylene pipes, and some of them are specific to polypropylene pipes:

• Long life (over 50 years)

• Flexibility and load bearing capacity

• Lower weight than all kinds of steel, cast iron, concrete and polyethylene pipes

• Insolubility, due to the polished internal surface of the pipe and self-cleaning feature.

• Resistant to 70 ° C and insoluble against all organic solvents

• Resistant to corrosive substances (acids, salts, and bases)

• UV resistant due to the use of anti-UV materials

• Resistant to attack of rodents and microorganisms

• Ease of installation and rapid execution due to the use of spigot and socket

• Easy shipment

• Possibility of using all types of fittings (extrusion welding, electrofusion welding and gasket)

• Proper hydraulic properties of the pipe due to being smooth from the inner surfaces

• Very good abrasion resistance

• High tolerance to traffic load

• Technical repair and welding even after operation

Polypropylene modulus of elasticity which is more than polyethylene causes pipes with high-strength to be produced, which is an advantage from the technical point of view.

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