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TNS & Bauku

In order to transfer the technology of the double wall pipe production and higher the quality of the pipes produced in Iran , Tadbir novin sazan (TNS) company started to co-operate with German bauku company in 2004 … so, TNS has now became one of the pioneers of double

pipe wall industry in the country.TNS’s products are produce according to international and nation norms and based on the latest technology and scientific achievements, therefore, the highest quality of this products could be the best answer to the day- to-day growing demand of double wall pipe in the country. Established in (2004), TNS has a team of professional experts and engineers and utilized laboratory which made it capable of producing 5000 tons per year of double wall pipes in various diameter ranging from 300mm up to 3500mm.

The technology of bauku Company was given monopoly to TNS in Middle East and its products could compete with those of all other rivals and even they are more superior in many aspects.

ADVANTAGES in production of the double wall pipe (internationally Registered as PROFILEEN), the best raw material and Unique German technology are used and all products Are produced and used according to EN 13476, DIN 16961 and ATV-A-127 and our quality control experts Supervise the production and usage of pipes according To this norms.