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About us

TNS Company has launched a partnership with German company “bauku” since 2003. Transferring the updated technology of the German company and improving the quality of manufactured Polyethylene pipes within the country has been appointed as the fundamental goals. Since then, TNS has been known as a pioneer manufacturer among other competitors and stabilized itself as van of producing the profiled polyethylene pips due to the special and unique projects and presenting innovative solutions (for the first time in the world in some cases). The products are compatible with the latest scientific innovations and the most updated world technology and are in accordance with international/national standards. The superior quality of TNS products could cover the increasing demands of technology in various fields. With applying the experiences of skillful experts and engineers, full equipped laboratory, and unique technology we are proud to declare the annual production capacity of 5000 ton profiled PE pipes with diameter of 300 to 3500 mm including the complete set of all compartments and equipments such as manholes, tanks, drainage systems etc. The bauku technology is applied exclusively by TNS within Middle East. Our unique design, flexibility in manufacturing and suitable mechanical- physical characteristics of the TNS products have been the main assistant of the engineers and experts of the company to come up with various optimized solutions to tackle the problems and limitations of each project and provide a new world of choices and options in front of contractors.

●    applying the technology of German company “bauku” exclusively in Middle East.

●    Flexibility in producing different products.

●    Suitable physical- mechanical characteristics

●    Verity:  Producing profiled polyethylene pipes with diameter of 300- 3500 mm, including manholes, PE bending, PE 3-way, PE convertor, PE tank.

●     Design/ consulting:   Calculating and presenting the offer in accordance with each project's limitations.

●     Quality:   internal quality control, quality control lab which is compatible with national standard and LGA, SKZ standards.

Guaranty: We assure our products up to 50 years and offer the clients our in-site welding services with the help of certified experts – presenting the transporting services.